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The Fall season runs from September 1st through early November


Seasonal Prediction:  Starting with a wetter than normal spring and finishing with a projected very dry August,
the makings are there for the 2015 foliage season to be unusually colorful. If cool nights prevail
in late August and early September - the color show will start early. It is all about the weather.
(this prediction will be updated as needed)

Normal color projections and current color reports
from the Weather Channel


Fall Foliage Links
(NOTE: some of the following links are only updated during the foliage season)

State websites
CT - MAME - NH - NY - VT

Other websites
 New England Fall Foliage (all encompassing foliage site)
The Foliage Network
(twice weekly updated maps) (Yankee Magazine's site)

Autumn Advice (discussions and comments about foliage)

    Compiled foliage map

   No Change: all green    
     Starting to Change:  some yellows
     Moderate Color:  lots of yellows & oranges
     Peak Color:  more then 50% changed
     Past Peak:  noticeable leaf drop
     Stick Season:  few leaves remain


(from current reports)

Calendar prediction maps
CT - NH - NY - VT
Yankee Magazine Prediction Map

Folklore Winter Predictions
Popular Folklore Winter Predictors


Current Weather

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Webcams from around New England

Chatham, MA

Dedham, MA

Dublin, NH
(home of Yankee Magazine)

Dublin, NH

Mount Washington, NH

Mount Washington, NH

Plymouth, NH

Albany, NY

Hunter Mountain, NY

Lake Placid, NY

Schenectady, NY

Windom, NY

Middlebury, VT

Cuttingsville, VT

Manchester Center, VT

Underhill, VT

Thacher State Park overlook near Albany, NY
(not a live shot)

Other interesting links
Killington Website
Lake Placid Olympic Region Web cams
NYS Thruway Authority Cams
Farmers' Almanac
Old Farmer's Almanac


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